Fly fishing is a popular stream fishing method in Europe and the United States. It is mainly used to catch some predatory and fierce fish. As the number of anglers increases, more and more people begin to come into contact with flies. Fishing also brought spring to the fishing gear market. So what is fly fishing? Follow this article to learn more about it.

What is fly fishing

Fly fishing originated in Europe and America. It mainly uses bionic baits to imitate fly, dragonflies and other winged insects falling into the water to attract some predatory fish in the water, because it is in the process of fishing. The middle fishing line dances more gracefully, so it has the reputation of being a catching dancer.

Fishing tackle selection for fly fishing

1. Fishing rod: For fly fishing, you can choose hard or medium-hard fly fishing rods, the length is above 2.7 meters, and the weight is light, too short or too hard are not conducive to throwing.

2. Fishing line: The fishing line for fly fishing is generally divided into three parts. The first part is the nylon line wound inside the fly fishing reel as the bottom line. This type of fishing line is relatively strong and soft, and can be caught The fish queen is used as a spare line; the second part is the main line connected to the bottom line. This type of fishing line needs to use a special line for fly fishing, which is divided into sinking and floating lines and floating lines, which can catch the middle or surface waters with strong predatory properties. Fish use; the third part is the brain line, which is mainly used to connect the lower part of the main line, the length is about 1.5 meters, and the transparent nylon line with relatively high strength is mainly used.

3. Feather hook: The most important sign of fly fishing is the use of feather hooks. Different styles of feather hooks can be selected according to different fishing seasons, environments and fishing species. For example, it is recommended to choose hair hooks with a lighter color in spring, and brightly colored hooks in summer to have a better lure effect.

4. Fishing reel: Fly fishing generally chooses fly fishing reel, and the drag device of the fishing reel must be adjusted.