Fake bait is one of the basics of lure. If you want to attract big fish, you have to practice the fake bait first, so as to successfully lure the fish with fake ones. Today, we will introduce six tricks for shaking bait.

2: Vibrating bait

Refers to imitating the subtle movements of the bait creature, shaking the tip of the rod or collecting the bait in a short distance, about 5 to 10 cm, the movement should not be too large, and you must pay attention to the tiny shaking skills. This method is based on the swimming style of small fish and fry without the pressure of natural enemies.

3: Bait

It refers to the method in which lure reaches the designated swimming layer by stagnating bait, and then suddenly uses bait to collect bait, thereby attracting a surprise attack from the target fish. There is an illusion that a small fish ran away hurriedly and nervously after spotting a big fish. There is also a regular bait drawing mode, which imitates the intermittent swimming styles of small scrolls, small penetration draws, or some creatures that swim and stop.

4: Travelling bait

Refers to the method of simulating the swimming stance of a small fish roaming alone to raise the predatory intention of the target fish. This method is the simplest bait harvesting technique, and other bait harvesting techniques can be added to achieve a more vivid fish attracting effect.

5: Water repellent

It refers to a technique of violently pulling the lure to produce splashes, water patterns and sounds on the water surface to lure the target fish, and the smallest distance to harvest the bait in exchange for the largest sound and splashes, remember not to give way Sub-long distance movement.

6: Jump bait

Refers to the method of attracting fish by simulating shrimps, crabs, prawns and tigers at the bottom layer by jumping up or jumping for a short distance after being frightened. It is necessary to pay attention to the twitching distance and feel the feeling and time of the lure landing. Too big, otherwise it will not only scare the target fish, but also affect its effect.