As the most primitive and traditional bionic bait, the fly hook allows the angler to experience the fun of fishing with fierce fish species, and there is a free and easy way and comfort between the heads. The most attractive thing about fly fishing is the fishing while casting. The movement of the line flying in the air seems to be able to catch a fish in a careless mind. Fly fishing requires high requirements for the angler in terms of throwing the control line, etc., and it is not easy. It's not easy to master. Today I will talk to you fishing friends about the perfect combination of fly fishing and lure fishing. You can not only experience the infinite charm of fly hooks as artificial bait, but also experience the fun of lure under the conditions of lack of resources. Wisdom can be described as broad and profound.

Whether it’s the lure evolution gameplay or the most primitive fly fishing method, the fly hook line set itself has not changed, and the lure evolution gameplay is only the addition of a pitching aid on the main line, which is conducive to smooth casting. The recent lure circle can be described as extremely lively. The gameplay of throwing aids and fly hooks or melon seed sequins can be described as a smash hit. At this time, profitable profiteers are shoddy, and all kinds of modified thread sets are on the market. This has caused confusion for beginners or fishing friends who want to try new gameplay. The author shares some cognitions based on my own lure experience.

1. The choice of fly hook
Anglers who are new to Luya are very easy to follow the trend and follow suit when choosing artificial lures and equipment. The high-priced equipment has quality assurance. Regardless of the realism of the lure, the lure effect, and the controllability, it may be more stable, but it also increases the cost. The author's point is that it is green and environmentally friendly. If your target fish is basically a small fierce fish Class, ordinary peacock silk material fly hooks have sufficient attracting effect, Sougayilang fish hooks are of high quality, strong and powerful, 18#16# fly hooks have good palatability, too large hooks affect the rate of fish, too small hooks make it easy to run fish. The recreational fishing method need not be too high-end pursuit.

2. The use of fly thread set
The attribute of the fly hook is to simulate the posture of an insect falling into the water. The sequins of melon seeds and fly hooks go hand in hand. Many fishermen like to use fly hooks and sequins of melon seeds. First of all, the water layer they search is different, and the properties of the drop aids used again are different, but not all of them. The superposition can have the effect of 1+1>2. The modification of the throwing aid can also contend for a hundred schools of thought, a hundred flowers bloom, the convenience is indeed improved after modification, but the author does not recommend this kind of practice, firstly, in terms of conductivity, it affects the clarity of Zhongyu or Zhuyukou's signal; The more lines are connected, the greater the probability that the gun will be released, and the probability that the line groups will be entangled with each other; finally, the heart-throwing aid is connected, and the fishing line drives the line group forward. After modification, the line group is indeed driven forward by the thrower aid, and the length of the sub-line 60cm is suitable, so the simplest, direct and original nature is the best experience.

3. When the fly hooks out
The fishing environment in different waters is different. The best time for fly fishing is in the early morning and dusk every day. At this time, predatory fish usually swim in groups in the upper layer of the coastal waters, preying on floating insects and products on the surface. Eggs of mosquitoes. The fishing spot should be kept quiet, predatory fish are timid, and extremely sensitive to sound. When changing the fishing spot, keep your feet light, and try to use the terrain to conceal yourself, let alone wearing brightly colored clothing. In addition, the swing of the rod should not be too large, and try not to make the shadow of the fishing rod pass over the fishing point so as not to disturb the fish.

The stream is gurgling, the fishing is wireless, the fly fishing is about art rather than the amount of catch, and we release it in time. We are only for entertainment, not for the catch. We travel while walking and fishing. There are catches and scenery. Let us be alone Guest, let's lure together.