After a brief introduction in the three issues of the article, I believe that readers have a deeper understanding of fly fishing, and friends who have fly fishing must have already begun to practice it. I wonder if everyone has caught the first fish by fly fishing? Recalling that the first fish I caught with fly fishing was just a small white minnow, the taste has always been lingering in my heart.

When I started tying the hair hooks by myself, I would analyze and summarize my understanding of the fishing ground environment and target fish species, and pour all these concepts into the hair hooks that I hand tied. On the day of the fishing trip, the hair hook I tied with my hands was confirmed. A group of Hawaiian tarp, about 70 cm in length, violently attacked my hair hook. At the moment they bit the hook, my heart almost stopped beating, because the indescribable excitement and passion were clearly transmitted to my hand through the fly line. I subconsciously pulled the line and the pole, that moment I The whole person is also crazy!

The remaining line on the ground was completely slid along my fingertips after no use for a second. The fly line was straightened in an instant, followed by the crazy sound of the wheels. It's like Mozart's "Turkish March" as passionately admired! It was this picture that completely pushed me into the pit of fly fishing. From then on, I could no longer extricate myself.

Next, from a beginner's perspective, I will slowly solve some of the most frequently encountered problems, so that friends who have just started fly fishing will gradually move on to the road to success.

1. How should we choose the right fishing rod for ourselves?
Take single-handed poles as an example. In the current market we can find many fly poles of different lengths and materials. These poles are also divided into UL, L, ML, M, MH and other different strengths. Among so many types of fishing rods, which one is right for you?

First of all, we can choose the length of the fishing rod according to the situation of the fishing ground. For example, in some creeks, mountain streams, or small fishing grounds with a water surface width of 1-8 meters, I usually choose a medium-hard setting below 6-8 feet. Fishing rods, this is because fishing in such fishing grounds basically does not require long shots, and the target fish species in such fishing grounds are generally not large, especially in mountain streams. The environment of trees on both sides determines the overcasting. It can't be used at all, and even the roll and throw can only be carried out reluctantly. At this time, short poles are useful, and in this case, the number of poles will generally be 1 to 3, but there are exceptions.


 This kind of fishing field with many surrounding obstacles is not suitable for fishing with long rods

Because there are poles of size 2 to 4 on the market, but their length is only about 10 feet, how do you use this kind of pole? This kind of rod is designed for the Czech Nymph fishing method (sunken larva/nymph). The original intention of the design is not for throwing, but for a straightforward fishing method, that is, a fishing line with a length of one and a half times the length of the rod. , Throw the hair hook to the upstream direction, and then lift the fishing rod to make the fishing line slightly taut. At this time, the hair hook swings in a fan shape with the fishing rod and swims down until the fishing line is completely straightened. Throw it upstream.

The "throwing" here does not mean tossing, but a technique that mainly controls the depth of the hair hook. Short rods are not suitable for this operation. Even if it can be operated, the control range is relatively small. When choosing a pole, it is still necessary to determine the appropriate pole length according to different occasions.

 For fishing in narrow water fields, long shots are basically unnecessary, so you can consider using a small fly rod

When fishing in large rivers or reservoirs or lakes with relatively wide water surface, the most commonly used fishing rod is about 9 feet. Because there is a relatively large fishing space, we need a larger range of search, that is, to project the hair hook to a farther punctuation has become a problem that we must solve.

If you are using sea fishing fly rods, you need to use a large rod that is 8 and a half to 10 feet long to meet the needs of wind resistance and long-range shooting. However, if you are throwing on a boat, you need to use the fly rods No. 13-16. Because the weight of the fishing rod is relatively large, if you swing it with a length of 9-10 feet, it may cause sports injuries. Therefore, the length of the fishing rod will also be shortened at this time. Generally, a length of about 8 feet is more appropriate.

My friend is fishing in a mountain stream

In conclusion, in addition to considering the size of the target fish and the size of the hair hook when choosing a fishing rod, it is also necessary to carefully choose a suitable fishing rod length according to different fishing grounds and operating methods, instead of blindly following other people’s statements. The theory of others was copied in full, and it was impossible to buy fishing tackle regardless of suitability. As a result, I realized that I had bought the wrong fishing tackle at the fishing ground and wasted my precious fishing time.

A windfall in a mountain stream

2,very upset! When I get to the fishing field, which hair hook should I choose to use for fishing?
I believe this problem must have plagued every angler who has just come into contact with fly fishing. After arriving at the fishing spot, he looked at a whole box of different styles of hair hooks, but there was no way to start. I don’t know which hair to use. hook. And when this kind of confusion appears, some novices often think of the hair hook style of "others have caught fish", and then keep flipping through their hair hook box until they find a similar hair hook. This hair hook keeps throwing. There are generally two results of this approach: one is that there are only sporadic fish news for a whole day, only to see that the fish is interested in the hair hook but not to bite the hook; the second is to change the whole box of hair hooks. I have not found a suitable hair hook.

Well, on this very interesting problem that often plagues every newbie in fly, I will tell you how I think and solve it, hoping to give readers new thoughts and ideas.

The pattern on this little fish is very beautiful

First of all, we have to ask ourselves, why did we choose fly fishing for fishing, in order to be able to catch a lot of fish to show off? Or should you calm down and let your body and mind be able to enjoy everything that nature brings to you through fly fishing? If it’s the former, I would advise you to play Luja, because Luja’s fishing method is much more straightforward; but if you choose the latter, you have to start by understanding the food chain species in the entire water system and collect some first. Information, such as turning over the rocks and plants growing near the water to see if there are some aquatic or terrestrial insects, and then pay attention to their individual size, or see if there are spider webs nearby, and there are in different seasons. Which different insects were caught, this is an effective way to understand the food chain of the fishing ground.

It is also possible to hide fish in the rapids

The next step is to quietly observe which fish species are in the fishing spot, what their predatory habits are, what time of day they open their mouths, and what their predation methods are. More attentively, we might as well bring a notebook to make some records, and then use the camera to take pictures of the fishing field environment for future organization. After you have conducted more detailed data collection work, you will have a fuller understanding of the fishing ground, so that the choice of hair hooks will be narrowed and your mind will become clearer.

If you are interested in tying hairy hooks, it would be better if you can tie the hairy hooks yourself, because only you know the situation of the fishing point and the preference of the target fish, such as the size of the hook, and the hairy hook is suitable for floating water It is still submerged, which color is more effective, etc., it will take some time to summarize. More importantly, this kind of accomplishment is beyond words, and it is a kind of charm that only fly fishing has.

3. How to choose the right fly line?
In my previous article, I have shared with you various types of fly lines, including the most commonly used single-handed rods such as WF, DT, F/I, F/S and S full sinking lines, as well as two-handed rods. Shooting head and Scandi transmitter heads, but after all, these lines are just some macro-category names. In each category, different line types will be developed for specific purposes to adapt to different throwing methods and hairs. Hook type, so as to effectively deal with different fishing ground environments.

In the eyes of anglers, such ditches are also good fishing grounds.

However, some merchants will say that certain brands of fishing rods must be matched with which line to play the best. But let me ask, do fishing rods really recognize fly lines? Obviously that is not in line with reality. However, a suitable high-quality fly line is crucial for us to learn to cast and make fishing, because the soul of fly toss is on this line. In contrast, fishing rods and wheels are secondary tools.

Such a small fish will also bring me unlimited fun. This is the charm of fly fishing

A plate of fly thread produced by a regular manufacturer is expensive, often costing more than a few hundred yuan, and it is not surprising that some sets of thread sell for more than 1,000 yuan. Although you can buy some cheap domestic fly wires ranging from tens of dollars to more than 100 yuan in China, this kind of wire is very different from that of the original factory in terms of material and function. However, the durability is relatively poor, and cracks will soon appear, so friends who really want to learn fly fishing are best to buy the fly line from the original factory, which will not only save you from going wrong. Time, we can also understand the use of different functional line types and practical significance in countries and regions where fly fishing is well developed, so as to strengthen their effective use of different types of fly lines, and use this to improve fishing output. The success rate.