The lure fishing method is a big category. From a professional point of view, different fish species have different fishing methods and different equipment. Due to resource constraints, the target fish I usually target are basically beak, black fish, bass, and of course white strips. We catch the most people in Hebakou, but I am not happy to play, because the fish is too small to feel.

In the range of fish species I can choose, my favorite is the black fish, which is simple and crude, and there are many such fish in the rivers in front of the house. However, due to my lack of technology, I still can't catch it most of the time. Only in October and November when the fish mouth opens, I can catch a few Xs. No matter what kind of fish you are fishing, resources are definitely ranked first, followed by fishing time. Time here has two meanings. One refers to the season and the other refers to the time period of the day. Both are very important. For example, we have a lot of black fish here. In autumn, you can catch fish at random, and the master can connect, but in summer, you may not be able to catch the sun and heat.
It is already August. The next September and October I think are the best opportunities to catch black fish. If you like Luya, you should not miss it. Today’s main content is to talk to you about the artificial bait for fishing black fish.

Don’t only use thunder frogs to catch snakeheads, sometimes it’s better to use these baits.
Speaking of lure fishing for snakeheads, most people think of thunder frogs the first time. I am not saying that thunder frogs are not good. I will not consider other baits where I can use thunder frogs when I go out to fish for snakeheads. Thunder Frog has many advantages. For example, it’s easy to operate, throw it out and take it back. It’s easier to throw and throw, and the most important thing is that the visual impact is very strong when the black fish is violent. Many people are waiting for this moment.

However, if you think about it this way, others think the same way. In a pond or a river, everyone uses thunder frogs to smash into the water every day. In addition, some cases of decoupling and running away from the fish happen from time to time. In the end, the fish just It's hard to catch. At this time, you either work hard to improve your own skills, or spend more time than others looking for fish, and find some relatively "raw" fish. In addition, there may be a way to change bait.

If the Thunder Frog doesn't work well, I will put on soft bait immediately.
There are also many kinds of soft bait for blackfish fishing. You can find this by just searching the Internet. Compared with thunder frog, the advantage of soft bait is that it enters the water lightly and is not easy to start fish. At the same time, it has good palatability. Snakehead will not vomit or vomit slowly after biting. Sometimes it takes a countdown to catch a blackfish with thunder frog, but soft bait is just It is not necessary to count the seconds. For some high-pressure ponds and slippery fish, the effect of soft bait is obviously better than that of thunder frog

Another point is to catch small black fish, I personally think it is also a good soft bait. I don’t know if you have any experience like this. After you throw the thunder frog down, the black fish bites or catches up, but you can’t catch it. One of the possible reasons is that the fish is too small. Then you can try a soft bait.

Soft bugs are not omnipotent. Its shortcoming is that it can't be thrown far. Anyway, I can only throw about 40 meters with the strength of milking. If I want to throw it far, I can only add lead. In addition, because this kind of bait enters the water lightly, the amplitude of vibration is not large, so if the black fish is not around the water skin or bait, you may have to throw it a few times to find it.

The second type of bait is bobba. If there is no aquatic plants or duckweed in the fishing spot, then bobba is worth a try.
In places where there are not many people fishing, you feel that the fish is not too slippery. I think you can use a larger wave to lie down and hit the water surface hard to make a splash and make a banging sound. You can quickly lure the black fish over. ; If the fish is small or slippery, you can choose a smaller wave, instead of hitting the water, just throw it out and take it back at a constant speed. Don’t worry that the fish can’t be spotted. You can still form small waves if you don’t pump or hit the water. This technique can also be used when fishing with a beak.

Snakeheads in some places are so small that you might as well try bobs when you can't catch them with soft bait, of course, if there are no obstacles. You don’t need to use the Lei Qiang rod to use the wave. It is best to choose a general-purpose rod.

The third type is sequins. This kind of bait is equivalent to earthworms in Taiwan fishing, which is a universal bait.
It is said that sequins are not used to catch black fish because the effect is good. In fact, its effect is very general, and sometimes it is not as good as the bait such as Mino and Little Fatty. The key is that it is cheap. It's not distressing, and the sequins perform well when fishing other carnivorous fish. Anyway, it is worse than Mino, Fatty, and pencils.

There are many types of sequins. From the perspective of the black fish fishing effect, I think composite sequins and spoon-shaped sequins are better. If you don’t have these two types, other types are okay. Yesterday, when I was fishing for snakehead fish, a fishing friend came over to chat. He said that he caught a lot of snakehead fish with the small sequins on the horse's mouth~

Again, it is recommended for novices to use sequins to catch blackfish only because it is cheap and save money, not because it is effective, and it must be used in barrier-free areas!

Can other artificial lures catch black fish?

In principle, other artificial baits, such as Mino, pencil, vib, etc. are all possible, but the ones I mentioned above are more characteristic. Normally, thunder frogs must be used first, followed by soft baits such as potatoes and flying pupae. If this type of bait does not work, you can change to other baits. If it is a light obstacle, you can also try JIG, Texas fishing group and other defensive baits. Hanging bait or fishing method with better performance, but pay attention to the use of this kind of bait, including the bouncing and sequins mentioned above. It is not suitable to use a strong rod. It may not even be thrown. Use other thinner and softer ones. Please remember not to operate violently after the fish, and at the same time try to avoid the obstacle area.

Finally, many people may be concerned about the method of operation, that is, the problem of technique
Actually I don’t think fishing for snakehead fish needs to be very delicate. At the beginning, it is a rough and fast search. If you encounter a bite or know where there is a fish, you can slow down, and then when the bait reaches that point but the fish does not bite, you can Lift the fishing rod lightly for a little tease, not too much, this should be determined according to the size of the fish and the degree of slippery, it is recommended that the movement be small. If you don't eat it for two or three times, continue to collect the bait. After two rounds, you can stop to see if it is willing to come up.

Many fishermen have a very serious problem when they catch black fish. When they get a bite in one place but don’t catch it, they like to spend it there and keep throwing it repeatedly. This is absolutely impossible. Basically It's a waste of time. You didn’t bite this place the first time you threw it. You can throw it twice to slow down + tease. You can’t change the bait and try again. If you change the bait, you can give up decisively. If you die, it’s easier to drive the fish away completely. Change places, wait for half an hour and an hour to come back

Let’s talk about this today. If you have any thoughts, you can leave a message and communicate with each other. I have written a few Luya articles before, and every time I mentioned in the article that my Luya level is very average, so some places are written incorrectly or Please forgive me for incompleteness.