VIB bait is a kind of fake bait popular with lure fishing friends. It can be searched in the whole water layer, and there are few bottom problems during use. So what is VIB? Follow this article to learn more about it.

What is VIB

The VIB in Luya mainly imitates the small fish posture of herring fish. The more common materials are hard plastic, metal and soft bait. Most of them are rhombus or long strips, which are mainly caused by the slight depression of the head plane. Water resistance, and then form a rapid trembling movement from left to right.

VIB operation method

1. Underwater action: VIB can use bottom jump to make the fake bait do some irregular zigzag line movement on the bottom of the water, but it is necessary to pay attention to the difference between the target fish attacking the fake bait and the small obstacle signal. One is a live signal and the other is a dead signal. The live signal means that the fish line will feel the pull of the fish if you do not move your hand, while the dead letter is the signal that the hand does not move the line.

2. Action in water:

VIB is a fake bait in the whole water layer. Generally, after the bait is thrown, let it fall to the bottom, and then pull the rod upward to make it jump from the bottom of the water, and then generate it according to the tonality of the fishing rod used and the distance of the bait throwing. The angle is used to cause the attenuation of the vertical distance to judge the search depth of the fake lure in the water.

The above is the VIB-related information summarized in this article, and its operation methods are also shared, hoping to give fishing friends some reference, and make better use of it in future fishing.